What is Release Notes? what needs to be verified in Release nodes?

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  • Aug 24th, 2011

Release Notes is a documents provided to customers with each software release/Version which gives summary of new fixes and enhancements done in the current version. It should be available at client's place when new version is installed.

Generally we include following points to Release notes-
1. Details of new features/enhancements and it's benefits to customer.
2. Set up instructions for new features (if any)
3. Bugs addressed in new release.
4. List of files modified.
5. Known issues (if any).


  • Nov 1st, 2011

Release notes document not just limited to client.
QA team, BA, PM (internal stakeholders) must know to help with their testing. BA shouldn't be conducting any tests, but given that time = money, many companies encourage or rather force BAs to perform manual testing.

As a QA how else will you know what features/ bug fixes are included in the current build.

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Release Note is the communication bridge provided to the user or client about the enhancements made on the features to the newer version of the product. It is written by the technical people or a tester.
Adding to the points of d_patil:

6.Information about the test procedure followed.
7.Test results.

Release Note may help in designing User manual, user guides or other stuffs which help user client or stakeholder to know about the product or service.

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