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i went for interview, as i am handling mass recuritment so i was asked what is the benchmark of my recriutment.


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  • Sep 6th, 2011

A variety of answers could be appropriate. I suggest these metrics:
- The time it takes you to hire a candidate. This is called Time-to-Fill.
- The average $ amount you spend to hire each candidate. This is called Cost-per-Hire, and includes everything from travel to career fairs to job postings.
- The number of candidates that the hiring manager has to interview before a hire is made. Part of your job as a recruiter is to minize the workload put on the hiring managers. You do this by filtering out unqualified candidates and only sending the cream of the crop to be interviewed by the hiring manager. If the hiring manager had to interview 100 people to find a hire, then you are probably not doing a good job. If he had to interview 5 to find a hire, then you are doing a better job of filtering out the cruft.
- Employee performance 6 months after the hire date. This shows whether the right hiring decision was made. It is true that there are many things out of your control that could effect the employee performance, but during an interview you want to make the interviewer feel confident that you will help them hire people who will turn into top performers. Showing them that you are aggressive about judging your own performance will increase their confidence in you.

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