How do you approach a problem?

What is the biggest problem you ever had to face? How did you approach the problem?

Questions such as the one given above are something that job applicants should anticipate during their interview. Companies want to hire people who know how to solve problems because problems are inherent in every organization. There are always problems that employees would have to deal with but the reality is that not everyone is equipped with the right mindset, skill, and attitude to handle these challenges properly.

The Essence of Good Problem Solving Skills

People who stay strong and committed to their goals in spite of adversities are considered assets in any company. They are the ones who are able to get the job even if they are faced with problems that try to get in their way. If something goes wrong, they find a way to make it right just so they could do their job.

On the other hand, there are also people who cower when they are faced with big problems. Setbacks may paralyze them and keep them from performing their tasks. These kinds of people can be a liability to the company that they work for, and something that recruitment officers would want to avoid hiring, as much as possible.

Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make When Answering the Question

Mistakes can be made when you give your answer to the question above. But if you are prepared, you can also easily avoid possible blunders. Some of the common mistakes when answering an interview question on problem solving skills are:

  • Giving a disorganized and confusing answer. When giving your answer, it is important that you arrange events in a logical sequence. Do not jump from one point to another and then go back to the first point. In line with this, do not also give too many points since this will only make your answer confusing.
  • Not clearly explaining your answer. Do not be in a hurry to finish your answer. Additionally, make sure to avoid using jargons unless it is one that the interviewer can understand. Use simple words and sentences, and keep to the point.
  • Providing an example that does not illustrate or show a high level of problem solving skills. If you could use a problem that is relevant to the job you are applying for, the better.

An Example

Here is a good answer that will effectively show a person?s excellent problem solving skills. ?I was once assigned to organize a company-wide project that would help boost employee morale and consequently increase their effectiveness. I planned to hold seminars and team building programs to achieve the project objective.

However, I was given a very limited budget and the truth was that the amount simply would not suffice. Because our management team is always particular abut costs, it was clear to me that making a simple request for a bigger budget will not work. So what I did was I made a presentation that showed the benefits of each activity I planned and explained why it is a worthy investment for the company. In the end, I got approved for a much bigger budget than I had anticipated and the project was indeed very successful.?

This answer shows that the applicant had good very initiative and analytical skills, which are important requirements to be able to solve any problem effectively.

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How do you approach a technical problem?

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