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Microsoft Outlook Questions

1. What is the difference between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook express?
2. What is the default ports number in Outlook for POP3 / HTTP / SMTP?
3. What is the meaning of pst in outlooks and what itís function?
4. How can you backup the data of Microsoft outlook?
5. What will the pst file contain (eg; mail/ contacts/tasks etc)
6. Will pst contain rules
7. What is the use of cache mode in outlook when configured as Exchange server client
Asked by: khaledp | Member Since Jul-2008 | Asked on: Jul 10th, 2008

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Answered On : Jul 25th, 2008

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Outlook Express is primarily an email client and newgroup reader. It is the default email client supplied with Windows and comes free with Windows. It has all the basic facilities you expect from an email client - multiple identities, creation of folders to categorise stored emails, and automated log-in and log-out. But it is just an email client. Outlook is a full-blown contact management system. It enables you to store details on all your contacts, and to easily search and retrieve this data. It is NOT free with Windows, it is purchased as part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It uses the basic Outlook Express email engine as a part of its functionality. Overall it is much more powerful than the Express version. It is the sort of program a company would use to track its business contacts and their details for example. The average home user on the other hand is only likely to need to use Outlook Express, as the extra features in Outlook are all business orientated. A home user is notliekly to categorise their friends for example, but a business will categorise their contacts. Outlook will store electronic business cards, while Express cannot. ------------------------------ If you have a slower internet connection or slow computer go for Outlook express else go to the advanced version of OE with more features that is MS outlook. You can also consider going for mozilla thunderbird.

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Microsoft outlook *.pst more specility ,  outlook express *.dbx less specilitypop3  110, http 80,smtp 25A PST file is a personal folder file in Microsoft Outlook.PST stands for personal storage.

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altaf Hussain

Answered On : Jul 11th, 2012

How to backup ms outlook?

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Altaf Hussain

Answered On : Jul 11th, 2012

What is the default ports number in Outlook for POP3 / HTTP / SMTP?

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Akash Joshi

Answered On : Aug 17th, 2012

Yes, we can create rules for outlook to move the mails directly to the desired folders.

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Exchange Cache mode using for offline mail access of exchange mail. because exchange generally store mail in server not in client side. so if u need to access exchange mail offline. that s for it

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Laxman singh

Answered On : Dec 20th, 2012

Pst Stand For personal file Table and ost Stand for Offline Storage table

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Answered On : Mar 19th, 2013

Open ms outlook->then click-tools->account settings->datafiles->click that files then->open folder->just copy that outlook file to other location

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Answered On : Apr 30th, 2013

Making regular backup files of any important data you have is always a good idea. One way to back up e-mail messages is to use the Outlook AutoArchive feature. Archiving means moving messages to an archive folder at regularly scheduled intervals.

Another way to make a backup file, which is described in this article, involves exporting (copying) the contents of the message folder to a Personal Folders file (.pst) using the Import and Export Wizard. This creates the backup .pst file. You can then copy the .pst file onto a CD or DVD for safekeeping or to move the data to another computer with Outlook installed

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Answered On : Sep 11th, 2013

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Mohamed Musthafa

Answered On : Jan 27th, 2014

1. Microsoft outlook is a client email application which is not inbuilt with an O.S where as outlook express is an inbuilt application with an O.S

2.POP3-110 HTTP - 80 SMTP -25 & IMAP-143

3.PST -Personal storage table, is used to store the e-mail in the computer hard drive itself. unfortunately if you move to some other computer we can copy that PST and use it on the other system.

4.File --> import and export from there we can take backup of outlook files

5.PST file contain uncomfortable format of mails which an end user doesnt know. we can read with the help of outlook connections

6.Never, but we can create rule in outlook for folders or i would say mail flow will helps you to fetch email from server. so the communication between outlook client and server would happen in a very lesser time. i would say for the quick response

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Answered On : Jul 19th, 2014

Pop3 110
Smtp 25

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Answered On : Sep 30th, 2014

Pst means personal storage table

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