Pressure Purging

please i need some help here
i want to ask a few questions about pressure purge method used for inert a vessel:
1-Does The Material/ Gas inside the vessel affect the purge technique ?
2-What about an inlet natural gas filter ( with elements ), does the element affects the purge ?
3- why in some books when implement the equation to calculate number of purge cycle- required for the vessel to be complelty purged- they starts with initial concentration of oxygen after first pressureization not 0.21?
thanks in advance :)

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  • Mar 18th, 2015

Typically getting below 2% oxygen is standard for preventing explosive conditions depending on the process (O2 sensitive catalyst, O2 impurity intolerable).  Three pressure ups to 50 psi with N2 and dumps or two pressure ups to 100 psi and dumps are typically performed. 

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