How to remove application name form application tab in task manager using windows application

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In my project is also administrator purpose also.I have not found solution about how to remove application from task manager using windows application.In I have not found properties of application with respect of that issue.But in vb it have properties of app.task visible then it is possible in vb.Please help me to avoid that issue.

Imports System.Diagnostics

The there is a method called Process.GetProcesses() returns all the current processes in your computer which returns an array of processes.


Dim _proc = Process.GetProcessesByName("")

For i As Integer = 0 To _proc.Count - 1


Next i

I have used these code it removes application & process in taskmanager & it sdestrys the running application.But this is not my question.My question is that how to remove application name from application tab in taskmanager not remove process in it.In vb it have work because the properties of app.taskvisible is useful in it.


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