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what are short term and long term objectives? what are most significant achievement?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 19th, 2007
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s s mishra

Answered On : Feb 5th, 2008

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Short term goal:     my short term goal is to improve my problem solving and inter-personal skills by working in a team of intelligent and committed people.long term goal:    my long term goal is to create an unique and reputable image for me in any industry i work in, so that i can be able to use my skills and experience towards helping my fellowmates to improve.

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Short term goal->a decent position in a profit directed company with perfect job satisfaction.long term goal-> a position in my company where i cud lead a team                             a gud high pay                            gud life partner

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Answered On : Aug 10th, 2009

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1) To do something productive and innovative in field of science with an
industry so as to have an idea of advancement in field of different technology
employed in industry as well as sharpen my managerial skills and to make myself
aware of global competitiveness existing in current market
2) To improve my CGPA and get acquainted with different subjects and improve my
skills over different aspects of my course
1) Want to work as researcher in a industry for development of different
technologies and to expose myself to different aspects of real life technologies
used in industries
2) Want to devote a part of my life and my knowledge for the development of

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