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Hi Guys,
Hope you guys are well. I have just finished my Bachelor Degree in IT last year.
I went to a job interview this afternoon and I would like to think it went well.
Interviewer gave me an assignment which due later on this week. I am hoping you guys can give me valuable input on the scenario below.
As part of marketing promotional activity, a potential customer will be assigned a scratch card which when "scratched", the card will reveal a unique set of numbers.
The customer can enter the numbers on a web page, get validated (confirming the valid code has been issued and never used previously), the user will have a $5 credit assigned to their account.
The set of number/ codes need to be generated, stored and sent to the scratch card manufacturers.
Please provide a short Business Requirements Document for the system outlined above.
The business Requirements must include items below:
-Process flow diagram
-Decision points required to complete the requirements.
I appreciate any valuable input! thank you.

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  • Feb 16th, 2015

I Assume this task has been completed but this would have been my suggestion f it was within the required time.

Business Case: The business requires a system that will allow the marketing department to be able to award customers a promotional code containing $5 to be used in a web based system with validation to ensure the code will only be used once by one customer only. Once validated and its the first use, customer should be credit with the said amount ($5) and the code saved and sent to the manufacturer for other reasons (Maybe for Update).

Scope: This will happen within the Organisation Marketing web based system as a promotional code incentive for customer and the code must be validated by the system which must be integrated with the customers account for credit to be sent into the account. For this to happen, the code must be unused and once used should be stored and sent to the manufacturer probably for update.
Assumptions: Scratch card code is generated by different system, System has a means of interacting with customer account, Customer is either existing or must register details to begin process, Once code is used, system must be updated to add used code.

People and Actions involved:

Actors; Customer, Marketing promotional system,

Credit/Customer account system & Manufacturer system/Portal

Customer; Gets promotional code, Scratch to Reveal code, Enter code into system, Get $5 credit into account.

Marketing system; Accept code, Validate code, Credit Customers account, Save used codes & send used code to Manufacturers system.

Manufacturer System; Receives used codes and maybe perform update.

Decision Point: Validate customer as existing or new, Validate code to be acceptable code, Validate code if used/unused.

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