If anybody have the knowledge of Bugzilla, Please let me know. Its very Urgent.... If you have any interview questions please tell me. Thank you very much all

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  • Nov 6th, 2006

Yes , We do use bugzilla it is a bug tracking  place. what do you need ?

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  • Nov 10th, 2006

hi swapna, this is raghu.i saw ur comments.but we need the real time work flow for bugtracking tool.i am expecting ur reply. thanx

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gaurav paras

  • Nov 16th, 2006

Bugzilla is server based ?bug tracking? software. One can easily access Bugzilla by I.E.5 or above simply providing the I.P. of the server after authentication one have to furnish all the information about the environment such as software build no operating system used, D.B. used, way to reproduce the bug and screen shot (added with the help of browse button)

Benefits of using bugzilla are

1)   You can apply good filter to extract any module

2)   The bugs are directly e-mail to developer assigned for debug

3)   Graphical bug reports can be generated

4)   You can easily tack bug by bug i.d.




  • Nov 27th, 2006

Bugzilla is Bugs reporting tool.it will be used to keeo track of the bugs.and also it can be used to generate the report.

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  • Nov 28th, 2006

Hi All,

Visit to this URL :http://www.mozilla.org.

The following installables need to be downloaded from website.


2.Apache Tomcat

3. Perl

Bugzilla package

install one by one

all the software should be installed in the same directory.

go through the read me files

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  • Dec 21st, 2006


This is Lakshmi Prasanna.BugZilla is a bug tracking tool.by using this we can

log a bug.so that it will send a mail to developper to whom it may concern.

there are some fields to file a bug like-

1)build no:On which build the bug has been identified.

2)assigned to:to whom it was assigned to fix.

3)posted by:the mail id of the person who is posting the bug.

4)date :on which date it was posted.


6)cause :y that bug has been identified?

7)description:problem description.

8)steps to reproduce:u need to give the steps to reoroduce it.

then u have to submit it.

what ever the changes has been made to this webpage it gives a mail alert.


  • Jan 25th, 2007

Hi swapna and RaghuPlease let me know the clear details of Bugzilla one of my coligue told me that "Its a bugtracking tool but we can't down load this tool with free of cost, It is too cost to buy.Keep in touchRama.

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  • Feb 6th, 2007

Hi Rama, I contradict the statement that Bugzilla is expensive. In my company we are using it for free of cost. Its totally freeware. But you need to install several Softwares to support this application. Its Server based Bug Tracking Tool. It can be configured on Linux/Win machines. But installation is bit difficult. Its not straight forward. For more info check URL://www.bugzilla.org/download/



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Hi, Its quite a helpful discussion.Bugzilla is a quite good bug tracking tool. However, its not very simple to use. Instead of Bugzilla, I would recommend to use Mantis Bug tracking tool. Its a free software and quite easy to use.Thanks, Rubul

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