How we can implement Bulk Collect methodology in Datastage

I have faced an interview question recently.
In database we are using Bulk Collect concept to load the bunch of records ata time.
How we will achieve the same process in Datastage ?
Can we use any paticular stage or any other methodology we can implement.
Can any one help me on this.
Thanks in advance.

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Deepak Sharma

  • Jun 9th, 2016

I think your question is about bulk load of data. I have used Bulk Load method in Oracle Connector stage. Setting Bulk load property ensures that data gets loaded in the bulk load mode.


  • Jun 10th, 2016

Bulk collect is retrieving multiple rows. With a single fetch.. Datastage is by default working in parellel and processing multiple rows at a time. As per my knowledge there is no such specific way to implement this

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