How does this job fit in with your overall career goals?

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  • Sep 14th, 2005

it will give me a head start and become the backbone for my future career since I am considering pursuing such job as my career.

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  • May 14th, 2007

I aspire for the job which gives me my career balance between technical skills and domain knowledge. I feel I am technically competent for the position and this position will help me gain more and more domain knowledge.


  • Sep 21st, 2007

Upto now I finished my formal education it gives me the theoritical knowledge. After getting job that gives me practical knowledge to me. That help me in innovation of new ideas and become successful in my life.


  • Jul 3rd, 2008

As I have completed my education so get to know that things get done and when I selected for this job then I get to know how things get done. It will explore my knowledge.

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