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My name is Surya and I recently completed my in mechanical engineering as a fresher I have so many
roots to start my Career in the relevant field .In that I have selected some opportunities and has
1) In design field
2) In Power Plants Construction Field
3) In QC i.e in pipe inspection and testing field
...plz suggest me which one has good future in career. waiting for ur reply.
Thanking u

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dear friend,
first of all you have to think that in which field you have more interest. A field in which you have much interest, definitely you will do better there. In my view, pipe inspection (quality and inspection) is a particular/specific or you can say a narrow area, where you don't have too many options.

Somewhat similar is the case of power construction. Design have relatively more wider field and options. But this is my personal opinion, finally it is up to you and your interest that which particular field should be selected. best of luck.....

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prachi jain

  • Aug 4th, 2014

Hello sir, my name is Prachi I complete B.Sc in microbiology.sir I am not intested in M.Sc ,what I do . Tell me some information in clinical research laboratory & MBA life scince best collage and how apply and tell me other information for other coarses after B.Sc. Sir pls plspls full informationin this coarses.and sir my request send only my email id.

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  • Dec 30th, 2014

Design field is a best field friend

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