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I have 2 years education gap between inter and degree. The reason was after 12th I joined Chartered Accountancy(CA) but I was not successful in that and I missed that by 10 marks only. Then I joined BSC computers ... Throughout my career I have more than 80%.. in interview if they ask why do you have gap in education? Is it OK to tell about my CA? or any other reason?.... if I tell about CA will it give any wrong impression? Give guidance to me... please

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  • Nov 14th, 2012

Hi Prasanthi,

Its good to see somebody honest of asking a question like this. As per my opinion when you face an interview it matters how confident you are and confidence comes when you are honest. What matters is that how you present that 2 years gap. Even though you could not succeed in completing it, but i do not think that you should regret that. It is an experience in itself and also you got the knowledge, which does not need a degree to be utilized.

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