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What is the difference between pass data item value and pass parameter value ?

Asked By: Ashok Doddapaneni | Asked On: Aug 18th, 2014

Explain with an example

Answered by: Santhosh on: Oct 6th, 2014

Pass Data item means, in a drill through reports if we passing Column values(ex: ?Column_Name?), it is called passing data item value. Pass parameter means, In drill through reports is we passing par...

Answered by: sreeve on: Sep 11th, 2014

Data item value is the one which is render in a prompt or container retrieved from per-generated values. ex combo box, list values, which has data item values and may show different display values. P...

What are the types of framework manager?

Asked By: quontra123 | Asked On: May 24th, 2014

Try to answer it

Answered by: Abhishek on: Aug 22nd, 2014

There are 3 layers 1. Database Layer - Tables are imported in this layer. 2. Model View Layer - All the relationships, renaming of query subjects and query items, resolving loops etc are done in thi...

Answered by: Bhaskar reddy tamatam on: Jul 23rd, 2014

In cognos three types of layers are there

1.physical layer layer
3.presentation layer

How to looping on student grades to check if he has one fail course?

Asked By: samah | Asked On: Jul 15th, 2014

I want report that display student who are withdrawn from (all) courses in specific academic period and his registration status are registered but the student course column display even if he has at least one withdrawn course since there is no loop in cognos how can I restrict it only if the student...

Answered by: Buchi Reddy on: Jul 18th, 2014

1. Take one data item with the expression of (Count of Subjects) for Student

2. case when (Count of Subjects) for Student =0 then student end

How to add running totals in report studio

Asked By: quontra123 | Asked On: Jul 12th, 2014

Hi all, i am using cognos report sudio 8.4. I have got a problem in adding each cell to its next cell data (means running total not addition two cells). i tried with available report studio functions like running_total, moving_total. I got errors. i am automating excel reports into cognos report...

Displaying a parameter with cognos in a ms xl spreadsheet

Asked By: rjhead | Asked On: Mar 27th, 2014

I have a drill down report that has three parameters passed to it. When the report runs, it can be exported to a .Pdf file with those three parameters displayed as text on the top of the first page. They are not column headers, just parameters that are passed to the drill down report. I would like...

Answered by: Anamika Jain on: Jun 27th, 2014

You would like to display the information of the parameter you have selected by using paramdisplay() value function etc.

Report studio

Asked By: Sameer Singhal | Asked On: May 20th, 2011

If you have a report with list and cross tab in the same page. How do yourestrict one user can see only the list and the other user can see both?

Answered by: Sandeep on: Jun 4th, 2014

You can use the function CSV IdentityName (or something similar). This will return the details of the user.
Use this to check the current user, and base your conditional blocks on this.

Answered by: Smita on: Apr 4th, 2014

You have to create a variable to check which user is logged in uning the session parameter (eg. account.defaultName) and then assign this variable to either conditional block or use it as render variable for the Cross tab.

Displaying parameter/render variable in ms-xl output

Asked By: rjhead | Asked On: Mar 27th, 2014

I have three report filter parameters. They will appear as render variables in a .Pdf cognos report output as if they were simple text fields serving as report header text. These same three items will not appear if you run the cognos report output to a Microsoft xl file. How can I program the report...

Answered by: Sandeep on: Jun 4th, 2014

You can use tables and put one parameter in each record.

Did you mean this?

How to improve performance from database side..

Asked By: datli | Asked On: Jun 27th, 2012

What to do at database side to improve performance? what is performance tuning?

Answered by: Jay on: May 10th, 2014

1. Ensure joins are perfectly done

2. Ensure Indexes are made to the specific columns (Such as Search Column)

3. Try to use Summary Tables

4. Materialized views

Answered by: jjrkl_sandeep on: Oct 22nd, 2013

Practice to use UNION ALL in place of UNION since it is faster than UNION as it doesnt sort the result set for distinguished values.

What will happen in cognos if we run report

Asked By: harsha.varigonda | Asked On: Jan 13th, 2014

Internally what will happen in cognos if we run a report in report studio

Answered by: Jay on: May 10th, 2014

Once the user runs the report, 1.The request is passed to the Web Server and gateways (CGI, ISAPI). The Cognos Gateway applies encryption to the information received, adds necessary environment vari...

Answered by: Raghavendra on: Mar 13th, 2014

It will goto content store database to get metadata of required columns and data from specific database.

Drill through in saved output asking sine on information

Asked By: dwh.isasi | Asked On: Apr 18th, 2014

Hi, i have a report with several drill through. i scheduled the report in HTML output by selecting desired sine on. when I opened the scheduled HTML output and click on drill through it is asking the sine on information again. Is there any way to bypass sine on page and run the drill through child...

How to combine two crosstab reports in to single crosstab report?

Asked By: mail2prabha | Asked On: Nov 1st, 2007

Answered by: nikhil on: Feb 19th, 2014

We can do this by making single query for both the reports.assign both crosstab to single query

Project complexities

Asked By: raghavendra78 | Asked On: Feb 11th, 2008

What are the complexities faced in your project?

Answered by: nikhil on: Feb 18th, 2014

1)sometimes Understanding the requirement will not be clear as per the business 2)you develop one code by understanding one requirement but from onsite(client) again they will tell u the changes to ...

List display---first even then odd

Asked By: jjrkl_sandeep | Asked On: Nov 13th, 2013

There is a scenario: display the list data in the order-first even position rows and then odd position rows.....Can anyone help on this issue..

Answered by: Soumyadeb Halder on: Feb 17th, 2014

Suppose your table is "employee" and column name is "empid" . Now you want a list which contains EVEN empids first and then ODD empids. Your query will be like below, Select empid from employee orde...

Answered by: Gajendra kumar on: Nov 28th, 2013

First check based on which column the odd and even value should come. For example in a list EVEN EMP_ID should display first and than ODD EMP_ID. Now drag this column to query subject. Create an...

How to convert crosstab into list?

Asked By: itspaddu | Asked On: Jun 23rd, 2011

Hi , can any one tell how to convert crosstab into list?What is the main use of unlocking the report?What is the meaning of repeater & repeater table and when r they useful?Plz answer these if any one knows?Best regardspaddu

Answered by: Onkar Kulkarni on: Feb 12th, 2014

Direct conversion available in Cognos 10 onwards

Answered by: Prachi on: Dec 30th, 2013

To change the crosstab report back to a list report, click the top row, and then click the
ungroup button on the toolbar.

What are versions of cognos from starting release to latest in the market

Asked By: chim | Asked On: Mar 15th, 2006

Answered by: Tejas Bi helpdesk on: Feb 5th, 2014

I am working with cognos10. Too much user Friendly GUI.

Answered by: Bipin on: Oct 9th, 2011

Cognos Impromptu 6.0, Cognos Impromptu 7, Report net 1.1,Cognos 8.0, Cognos 8.1, Cognos 8.2, Cognos 8.3, 8.4 and latest is cognos 10

Mind twisting questions for report studio: try it

Asked By: jjrkl_sandeep | Asked On: Oct 22nd, 2013

There is a prompt page having the options for ascending and descending, based on the prompt value selected , the report page generates the list column value sorted in EIther ascending or descending:

Answered by: Ramu on: Nov 25th, 2013

1. Select the List Report you want to display 2. Goto Query Explorer, Click on Query 1, drag Data item into the Query 1. 3. Drag & drop value promt. Add values (1,2,3) 3. Give expression case ?Paramet...

Need to create a prompt page and report page linked

Asked By: jjrkl_sandeep | Asked On: Oct 9th, 2013

Hi all, there is a scenario.There should be one prompt page having choice to choose between: ->list ->cross tab according to the choice selected, the page generates EIther list or cross tab. please suggest the solution with steps. thanks

Answered by: Samir on: Nov 19th, 2013

1. Create the List and Cross tab reports with required data. 2. Drag and drop a value prompt to the prompt page. 3. Name the parameter as selection, then click on finish. 4. High light the value promp...

Answered by: santosh on: Oct 9th, 2013

In your first page Drop your list and CrossTab Insertable objects fill ur data in those. Then create a Prompt page where in drop Value Prompt Object with paramter1 just click finish In the properties...

Interesting question on Java scripting

Asked By: jjrkl_sandeep | Asked On: Nov 12th, 2013

Using Java script, how we can check the value of the value prompt, that the value entered should always be alphabet.

Where do you perform scheduling in bursting reports?

Asked By: Rajani | Asked On: Nov 20th, 2011

Answered by: jjrkl_sandeep on: Oct 22nd, 2013

1.Choose Run with Options 2.Click on advanced options link3.Click run in the background (Now) 4.Change Format option to desired Option (Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV, etc.) 5.Select Delivery Option of Send th...

Answered by: Joe on: Mar 12th, 2013

Cognos connection

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