What is object security in framework manager?

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  • Oct 10th, 2007

Object security restrict access to specific objects in a project, for example if you have a user or group of users who you don’t want access to a particular Namespace then you can remove access to that Namespace for that user or group of users.  Objects which can have security applied include namespaces, query subjects, query items, filters and folders. You can either Allow (make visible) or Deny (not visible) access to these objects.

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  • Nov 28th, 2007

In Framework Manager, security is a way of restricting access to metadata and data across Cognos 8 products. There are different types of security in Framework Manager:
1.Data Security

You can restrict the data represented by query subjects in a project by creating a security filter. The security filter controls the data that is shown to the report authors when they set up their reports.For example, your Sales team consists of a Sales Director, and four Sales Managers. You create a security filter that includes the groups directors and sales managers, and apply the filter to the

salary query subject. When the package is available for report authors, and a report is generated for the Sales Managers and the Sales Director, only the Sales Director can see the salary information for the sales managers.
2.Object Security

You secure an object directly by allowing users access to the object, denying users access tothe object, or keeping it hidden for all users.

Metadata security can be applied directly to objects in a project. When you add object-based security, you apply a specific user, group, or role 
directly to the object. You choose to make the object visible to selected users or groups.

If you do not set object-based security, all objects in your project are visible to everyone who has access to the package. When you apply security to one object, all objects in the model will also have security applied to them. They will not be visible to anyone. Once you set security for one object, you need to set it for all objects. You can do this by setting security on the root namespace.
3.Package Security

You can define metadata security when you create and publish packages in Framework Manager. You can also define metadata security after creating the package. A package is a secured subset of a project. A package can be published and can be included in other packages. You can add entries that were created in both third-party authentication providers and Cognos 8 as members of a Cognos group. You can organize your security by specifying which users, groups, and roles have access to certain parts of the published model.


If a query subject named should be accessed only by the Management level people, What security mode do we have to apply.....

Can u anyone give the answer??

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If a query subject should be accessed only by the Management level people, What security mode do we have to apply.....

Can u anyone give the answer??

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  • Mar 10th, 2009

These management or all permissions granted users are known as power users and without restricting or creating any security for this level you need to grant all permission.

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  • May 23rd, 2019

object security mode is applicable for it. Hence it allows or denies for the objects like namespaces, query subjects etc,

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