Submitted Questions

  • List Display---first even then odd

    There is a scenario: Display the list data in the order-first even position rows and then odd position rows.....Can anyone help on this issue..

    Soumyadeb Halder

    • Feb 17th, 2014

    Suppose your table is "employee" and column name is "empid" . Now you want a list which contains EVEN empids first and then ODD empids. Your query will be like below, Select empid from employee orde...

    Gajendra kumar

    • Nov 28th, 2013

    First check based on which column the odd and even value should come. For example in a list EVEN EMP_ID should display first and than ODD EMP_ID. Now drag this column to query subject. Create an...

  • Mind Twisting Questions for Report Studio: Try it

    There is a prompt page having the options for ascending and descending, based on the prompt value selected , the report page generates the list column value sorted in either ascending or descending:

    Martina Vaz

    • Jun 26th, 2017

    Create 2 lists. one with ascending one descending. depending on the prompt selection display the list

    Mayank Sanghvi

    • Aug 2nd, 2016

    In addition to above answer you can use two separate list for ascending and descending order.

  • Need to create a prompt page and report page linked

    Hi All, There is a scenario.There should be one prompt page having choice to choose between: ->List ->Cross tab According to the choice selected, the page generates either List or Cross tab. Please suggest the solution with steps. Thanks


    • Nov 19th, 2013

    1. Create the List and Cross tab reports with required data. 2. Drag and drop a value prompt to the prompt page. 3. Name the parameter as selection, then click on finish. 4. High light the value promp...


    • Oct 9th, 2013

    In your first page Drop your list and CrossTab Insertable objects fill ur data in those. Then create a Prompt page where in drop Value Prompt Object with paramter1 just click finish In the properties...