How to convert crosstab into list?

Hi , can any one tell how to convert crosstab into list?
what is the main use of unlocking the report?
what is the meaning of repeater & repeater table and when r they useful?

plz answer these if any one knows?

best regards

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  • Jul 13th, 2011

by using pivot option

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  • Sep 30th, 2011

If you are working on query studio, then you cannot convert the crosstab report into list report, unless you choose to do the "undo" option.
But you can do this conversion in the Report Studio.

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In Report Studio, It simple to convert list to crosstab.
But there is no built in option to convert crosstab to list report.This work only one way.

I found on possible solution which is as given below.
Take a blank list, then link it to the crosstab query and rebuild it.Easy but some mouse moving needed.

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  • Jan 5th, 2012

According my knowldge that one is not possiable, list to crosstab we can do it.

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  • Jan 19th, 2012

There is no option for convert crosstab to list


  • Mar 5th, 2012

it is not possible to convert crosstab to list. but the reverse is true.


  • Mar 15th, 2012

We use unlocking option when we need to :-
-- insert more than one query item in a single column
-- insert any object like HTML object or Text object in a column.
these are some examples and we can use that unlocking in many more cases.

Moreover there is no automatic way to convert crosstab to list .What you can do is to create a list report using the same query

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  • Apr 18th, 2012

there is no option for converting a crosstab to list but we can do this by using cross tab the designing page it should look like a cross tab only but when u run the report the report will shown to u in list format....

u can do this by unlocking and insert a cross tab space at the intersection point and in that add a text item with the desired query item name....


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  • Apr 6th, 2013

It is not Possible any studios in congnos convert to crosstab into list is not possible but list is converted into crosstab its possible. and also list is converted into Repeater table.

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  • Dec 30th, 2013

To change the crosstab report back to a list report, click the top row, and then click the
ungroup button on the toolbar.

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Onkar Kulkarni

  • Feb 12th, 2014

Direct conversion available in Cognos 10 onwards

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  • Jun 11th, 2015

We cannot change crosstab into List again. Only we can change list into Crosstab.

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Anil Kumar

  • Jul 28th, 2016

We don't have any feature to change the cross tab report to List.
only we change the list report to Cross tab with Pivot

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  • Aug 30th, 2017

We cant convert crosstab to list but reverse is possible by using pivot table function

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