Submitted Questions

  • Identify Duplicate Values in Report

    How to identify duplicate values in a report?


    • Apr 15th, 2015

    Run the report in excel format. select the entire worksheet and it will list the count of rows.
    Now in excel u can navigate to data - data tools - remove duplicate. Take teh count again.

  • Alternative Color Rows

    How to add 2 different colors for alternative rows in a report?


    • Jun 16th, 2017

    You can create advanced conditional style having below expression :
    mod(row number,2)=0 then you can assign first colour
    mod(row number,2)=1 then assign second colour.
    by this you will get alternate colours for object.


    • Apr 5th, 2017

    By using mod(rownuber,3)=0 for 3 colours
    mod(rownuber,2)=0 for 2 colours