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  • Prevent Defects

    How can the Testing Organization help prevent defects from occurring?

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    • Member Since Nov-2009 | Nov 20th, 2009

    The earlier QA gets involved in the software development process, and the greater their presence in this process, the more they will help prevent defects. 

    QA can review software design documents (cross-functional peer reviews) before software engineers begin developing their code.  QA can maintain its presence and continue to offer feedback throughout the development process until the initial release of the program to test.  

    QA will not prevent defects from occurring, but can minimize the quantity and severity of defects by:
    1) Fully understanding the scope of the software development project,
    2) Getting involved at the earliest possible stage in the development cycle,
    3) Reviewing the project plan for development and offering feedback, and
    4) Maintaining a presence in the development process before the first release to test.


    • Nov 20th, 2009

    The earlier QA gets involved in the software development process, and the greater their presence in this process, the more they will help prevent defects.  QA can review software design documents...

  • Test Case Review

    Suppose your colleague has written test cases for a functionality and you are reviewing those test cases, how will you conclude that the test cases were correct?


    • Dec 11th, 2009

    I would ensure the following criteria are met:1) The project is well-defined and easy to find in the quality management tool.2) The test suite is well-organized, intuitive and easy to navigate.3) Test...


    • Aug 25th, 2009

    I will consider the following thing while reviewing test cases:1. Test cases are written exactly by following requirements.2. There must be at least one test case for the functionalities described in ...

  • Prority for Submodule to Test

    While testing you came to known that submodule C contains 150% more defects that other 6 modules.Submodule A has 60% lesses bugs that expected.what should be strategy:1.Tester should concentrate more on MODULE C because it has more bugs that other modules.2.tester should concentrate more on MODULE A because it has lesses bugs.3.Tester should executive a few tests for Submodule C.4.This much information...

  • Bug Fixing Priority

    Which of these is the most important one to fix first, and why? a. The word "BlackBerry" is misspelled on the startup screen of the application.b. The application always rejects a user's first attempt to launch the application; subsequent attempts are successful.c. The application crashes and brings down the database server when it tries to add a record that contains an uncommon string, "123abc456xyz789".

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    • Member Since Feb-2009 | Mar 25th, 2009

    Priority will be given based on stage of life cycle,

    1) Assume that application is middle stage (I mean to say build is 3rd one and still few more to come) and you are testing the application to accept it (Smoke/sanity Testing) for further testing I would like to give the preference as B, A, C Why I am giving last preference to C is when I am giving uncommon string then the application is getting crash, but as of now we have alternative and that is positive value, so with positive value we can work with the application Next why A is given second preference “black berry” Its company Name, not a simple title of application

    And lastly why I am giving first preference to BI am not able to launch the application in first attempt then it is a major issue, while accepting the build (smoke/sanity testing) if you are not able to launch then definitely we will reject the build.

    2) Assume application is completed and ready for use, then also I will give B, A, C Let me tell you in general way, Suppose you are a customer and interested to purchase Blackberry mobile and if it is not launching in first attempt, do you purchase that piece, no one will purchase, and coming second one company Label, Company goodwill is linked to it, and with this mistakes goodwill will be degraded so second preference, and coming to last one we have an alternative and that is we can give positive values with which that particular functionality will work Please correct me if I am wrong.


    • Jun 30th, 2016

    Bug is fixed according to its priority i.e
    1) Very High: Immediate fix needed, block further testing.
    2) High: Must get fixed before the product is released.
    3) Medium: Should fix if time permits.
    4) Low: Would like to fix but can be released as it is.


    • Nov 29th, 2015

    I hope that the following ans is helpful... 1) In these scenarios first we have to fix B, why because with out lancing of the application we cant do anything. 2) Secondly we have to fix A. why becau...

  • Incomplete Requirement

    What would you do if the requirement is incomplete?


    • Dec 4th, 2009

    If I ran across an incomplete requirement during my requirements review, I would1) inform the Business Analyst (person in the organization responsible for preparing requirements) and set up a time to ...


    • Dec 3rd, 2009

    When requirements are incomplete or unclear, it is a tester's responsiblility to address this issue with business analyst, project manager, developers, or other stakeholders responsible for making changes and ensure that the gap is filled before test execution begins. 

  • Testing Execution without Test Cases

    Based on test scenarios is it possible to test execution without having test cases? Explain

    sai chaithany mummareddy

    • Dec 11th, 2017

    Yes we can test the application without having Test cases, it is through Adhoc Testing and Exploratory Testing..But without test cases RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) is not possible. So it is always a good practice to write test cases.

  • there are 10 test cases, in that 5 fail and 5 pass after fixing the bugs will we go for the recycle or continue with the cycle

  • Minimum Requirement to start Testing

    What is the minimum requirement to start testing?


    • Nov 1st, 2011

    Requirements as you think need not be the commonly used term in IT. It can be anything that will help you test the application. So the minimum requirement to start testing from me would be a demo of t...

  • What is the difference between star schema and snow flake schema? When we use those schema's?


    • Jan 30th, 2018

    A join is linked with only only one dim and one fact is called star schema
    A join is linked with more than one dimension is called Snow flake schema.


    • Jul 5th, 2013

    star schema: When dimension table contains less number of rows, we can go for Star schema.In this Both Dimension and Fact Tables are in De-Normalized form.Good for datamarts with simple relationships ...

  • what is difference between "Primary key" and "Unique key"?