CTS Interview Questions

1.What is Materialized View?
2.How many Key we can define in remove duplicate stage?
5.AGGREGATOR default datatype
6.Have you used Unstructured data?
8.How to RD using transformer?
9.How to Remove Duplicate using SQL?
10.Lookup constraints
11.Difference between JOIN, LOOKUP, MERGE?
12.Explain SCD
13.What should be ensure to run the sequence job so that if its get aborted in 10th job before 9th job should get succeeded?
14.Terminate Activity
15.Notification Activity
16.How to reverse the string using UNIX?
17.How to reverse the string using SQL?
18.What is the difference between == and eq in UNIX shell scripting?
19.To see hidden files in LINIX?
20.Explain sed, awk, head
21.How to read the length of word in unix?
22.What Options are available in sequence job to run, validate?
23.What is the difference between validate and compile?
24.How to convert alpha Numeric values to alpha using functions?
25.What is the use of materialized view?
26.Table actions available in Oracle connector?


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