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    How to prepare for ISRO Interview ?

    I am doing my B.E. in Mechanical dept. I m in pre-final year, right now. How to get prepared for ISRO and when the interview takes place?

    S .Sneha

    • May 6th, 2023

    Can I join Isro After physics?


    • Sep 12th, 2006

    hi,This is suthakar. I hav attended the exam on june 16th. The pattern is very simple. They are asking only the simple questions like basics of electronics and circuit theory, emt,signals and systems,networks. Definitely the question paper will be very easy if u prepare well. With regardssuthakar


    Dell Interview Question?

    1. Why do you want to work for Dell, Inc?

    2. How long would you expect to work for Dell, Inc if hired?

    3. Do you know anyone who works for Dell, Inc?

    4. What do you know about Dell, Inc?

    5. Why should Dell, Inc hire you?

    6. Please tell me some products/services of Dell, Inc in the market? What are likes/dislikes of them?


    Yogeshwar Singh Maitry

    • Oct 4th, 2018

    1. Why do you want to work for Dell, Inc? Ans.:- To be honest, Your organization can give me one of the best professional workplace environments to work to my full potential and collaborate with exper...


    • Jul 22nd, 2015

    Recently attended Dell BPO at Hyderabad: Topic Round, HR round, Telephonic round, Intro yourself, personal interview about joining and bond? Be prepare well on topic round. They see that round your ac...


    ISRO Interview Procedure and Tips for Interview

    I have given info about my ISRO interview in my previous mail i am pasting it again here for reference. Some more questions all of which which was not asked to me but very important for interview because they were repeated for many candidates even on different dates. So i am listing them hereV. IMPORTANT: can this equation be solved tell verbally? x+y=5    ; 4x+4y=12; x+2y+3Z=20 .Answer:...


    • Oct 4th, 2018

    No, I dont think this is the valid question. The first and second expression give x+y=5 & x+y=3., which is not possible.


    • May 5th, 2007

    Hi I?finished B.E Electrical and Electronics in the year 2006. The question paper?for electronics stream, 1. Basic Electronics ie, Resistance in parllel, and in different connections2. About wave's3...


    Interview procedure for Non-voice tech support

    Hello,Pls tell me the Interview procedure for technical support Non-voice at Mphasis. better if with sample questions.Thank you.

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    • Member Since May-2008 | Feb 12th, 2009

    You didn't mention you about qualification :

    By the way if you are graduate in B.E then it's 3 rounds and if you are non B.E graduate then it's 5 round.

    1 Personal Interview
    2 Typing speed (they used typing master software for checking speed)
    3 Aptitude (No maths Question?& no?verbal question, they will ask you about internet related technology, I will tell you about this later)
    4. Email Writing( They will give you some role and you have write mail. for example you are the Manager of BSNL and a customer repeatedly complaining about slow broadband, how will you write mail to him ?)
    5. HR(He can ask you about any thing like your hobbies. and he do check about your grammar and pronounciation)

    B.E graduates has not to give Round 2,4. I don't know why.

    Now about aptitude question :

    You have to give full form of abbrivated word like :
    http, html, ppp, smtp, pop, hdd, fdd, dsn, dns, CD-ROM, TCP/IP.

    2. what is the input device for computer ? (lol they will give option for that)

    3. IP is used for (They will give you option)

    4. 1 MB = how much KByte

    5. 1 KB = how much Byte

    One more thing, in final interview HR might tell you to write some thing on some topic.
    At my time HR told me to write on BLOG(which is my hobby)
    In that i did spelling mistake, instead of writing? 'writing' i wrote 'writting'.


    • Jan 20th, 2017

    Malini.p: You might start your English improvement by knowing that the correct word for your comment is the adjective WEAK (not strong) instead of the noun WEEK (a period of 7 days)


    • Nov 1st, 2016

    Hi Tarun, this is Mj. Can you tell me what are the questions they will ask in the operational round ?


    Accenture .NET Technical Interview Questions

    1. Draw an overview of your project and explain it?2. Explain OOPS Concept?3. State the difference between overloading and overriding?4. State the differences between C & C++?5. What are static members?6. What are virtual functions?7. What are pointers? 8. What are structures?9. Write a program using static members in c#?10. Write a factorial program in c#?11. State the difference between VB and VB.Net?12....

    swati sao

    • Feb 13th, 2016

    Overloading and overriding is the type of polymorphism. Overloading is also called as static polymorphisms and earlier binding, it will be evaluate at compile time so it is called compile time polym...


    • Feb 1st, 2012

    Hi frnds may this help you..

    1. first fill 5 ltr jug and take that 5 ltr water into another tub.

    2. again fill 5 ltr jug and drop that water into same tub.

    3. now take out 3ltr+3ltr from the tub 2 times.

    4. Now the remaining water has the volume 4 ltr


    AMD Interview

    1.Why is Advanced Microdevice(AMD) is so popular for Graphics2.What is the diff between the Intel and and processors


    • Jan 6th, 2016

    1. The cost factor: AMDs sell cheaper than Intel processors 2. Overclocking: AMDs are much more consistent when overclocked compared to the Intels 3. Gaming Performance: AMD sells its CPUs as APUs i...

    goutam saha

    • Nov 9th, 2006

    Because ,it' s really works rapidlly.and the pixcells are allmost closer than AMD graphics so populer.


    AMDOC Placement Paper

    AMDOCSSection: 136 qs,30 min.sample:FGH ``ABC=> + => => =>BAAFG RRQPThen:TUV=> => => =>?VUT SECTION:236qs,20 minsimilar type of qs only boxes of different colours are chosenSECTION:460qsthis is the easiest sectionMATCHMAKING:60 question in 7 minutes.u can attemp all as question is very easy1:AM%:$69match witha: BM%:$69b: AM%:$69->correctc: AM%:69d: AM%:$59section:6Technical test.this is very easy...


    • Feb 10th, 2015

    Hi Freinds, I got call from amdocs for testing profile. First they took 2 round of technical, they asked me about 1. basic testing questions on waht type of testing in ur company, defect, smoke, sini...


    AMDOCS Questions

    AMDOCSAptitude Questions:-1. How many times minute hand is faster than hour hand Ans:- 12 times2. Age questions. Like A, B, C are sister... Age differences are given between them and you are told to find the age3. Relation questions.( like father-son)4. All A are B, All C are not B There are many of such questions.5. Figurative questions. Like what will be the next in sequence In most...

    Sukhdeep Singh

    • Jul 19th, 2012

    Wat is the number of the masked code ee@?


    HAL Placement Paper

    Please use comments section to share any Placement Papers. Sample Questions for the Executive Trainees (Technical ) TestAeronautical Engineering1. Air Fuel ratio in a jet engine will be of the order of:(a) 10:1 (b) 15:1(c) 20:1 (d) 60:12. Fighter bombers use following type of engine:(a) Turbo-jet (b) Turbo-propeller(c) Rocket (d) Ram-jetMechanical Engineering1. Least shrinkage allowance...


    • Feb 2nd, 2012



    Adobe Placement Papers

    Please use the comments section to share any Adobe Placement Papers from your interviews and written tests.


    • Jun 27th, 2008

        pathsum(*node,sum){static sum;if(node==NULL && sum==0){printf("n Path exists");}if(node==NULL &&Sum!=0){sum=sum+node->data; //To undo the effect of the ...


    An N-ary tree has N sub-nodes for each node, it has M non-leaf nodesFind the no of leaf nodes?

    Null Pointer Theorem The Null Pointer Theorem s

    • Sep 18th, 2007

    Null Pointer Theorem The Null Pointer Theorem states that given a regular n-ary tree, the number of nodes m is related to the number of null pointers p in the following way: p = (n - 1)×m + 1 Pr...


    Adobe Telephonic Interview Questions

    Here are some questions I was asked.1) program to find height of a binary tree?Complexity of above program2) How do you know where the memory leaks when you have multiple files?3) What are virtual destructors?4) What should be done when an exception occurs in the constructor?5) What can be maximum memory that a process can have in 32-bit machine? What assigns a process this memory?6)Program to find...


    • Aug 17th, 2009

    I have tried answering theoretical ones only2) May be when destructor is not doing clean up4) we cannot handle this because constructor cannot return any thing. Destructor will not be called for this ...


    Adobe India Written Test 2006

    HI Everybody, I attended Adobe test on 16-07-2006. it was cool test. The test was 3 hours. I am sending u Questions Asked on Engineering and C. Merit-Trac conducted the test. The test was for both Development & testing Domain. I attended for Dev posn. ADOBE Written Test1) Wap to reverse a linked list and sort the same.2) Given two integers A & B. Determine how many bits required to convert...


    • May 1st, 2007

    2) Given two integers A & B. Determine how many bits required to convert A to B. Write a function int BitSwapReqd(int A, int B)#includevoid showbits( int n);int main(){??? int a,b,sa,sb;??? re...


    Adobe C Questions

    1. find the nth node from end in a linked list in single parse2. wap to check if the tree is BST3. prove A+BC =(A+B)(A+C)4. (A023AC5B)-(129B5321) to the base 135. prove that no of leaf nodes in any binary tree is one more than the no of nodes with degree 26. write a prog in assembly lang 2 calculate sum of first n natural nos7. print values in an array with recurring digitseg a[10]={3,2,5,4,3,4,6,12,4,12,6}the...


    Adobe Puzzles

    Most of the problems in adobe are solved here, though it is not mentioned that they are from Adobe, so this means he has to go through them as many as possibleThe C/Java/quant are from bestsamplequestions.comThe questions are mostly (99%) theoretical, or algo typeIf he is fresher then there will aloso be an apti n quant paper. Otherwiser only two papersEnginerring - based on college coursesC/Java...

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