What do you think about continuous learning?

Your interviewer would like to know if you are open for continuous learning so this question is asked during the interview. Your approach toward self-improvement is being evaluated. Employers see professionals as individuals who continually strive to develop themselves. It gives them an idea that such workers place high value on success. So, during an employee search for a particular job opening, they ask this question.

As an aspiring job candidate, you need to be responsive enough when asked your opinion about continuous learning. A single-liner answer is not sufficient enough to your interviewer. Since your viewpoints are needed, take this chance to showcase your ability to provide effective explanation to the main idea.

Positively Respond

The best and most effective response to the question is a clear affirmation to the idea of continuous learning. Provide a positive opinion to the main point. Use strong words of affirmation such as "believe", "agree", "support", and "in favor of". Make it sound like you personally believe in the aspect of constant learning. Your tone of voice should project a firm and confident manner as well to match it with your answer.

Take note, though, to refrain from the use of 'vague words' like 'I think', 'I guess', or 'Probably' as it connotes uncertainty and lack of conviction. When answering, give it a straight and direct opinion and tailor your initial sentence like this: "I support the idea of continuous learning" or "Continuous learning for me is..."

Stress on the Importance of Constant Learning

It is important to explain why you support continuous learning. Because you understand the value of it, then you must also be able to identify the benefits and advantages of such. Always stress on self-improvement and a greater chance to succeed in various aspects of life such as your career. Your potential employer will be impressed with your regard for self-improvement.

An individual with this kind of outlook in life can be an asset to the company. Employers need these kinds of people for the growth of the company. The knowledge and skills that the person acquires from constant learning can become a useful contribution to the needs of the company. Remember that every employer supports working professionals who place a high value of self-development.

Provide Ways to Continual Learning

After giving your initial response of affirming or supporting continuous learning, elaborate a little further on your key point. Simply identify some ways or means to show how a person can apply continual learning. Some examples could be attending seminars or trainings, taking certification exams, conducting unending research on new information, and taking continuous education.

In fact, if you are recently engaged in an activity that aims for continuous learning, go ahead and let the interviewer know about it. For example, you can say that you are now back in school, taking graduate studies. Or you can tell them the certifications you had and the trainings you have attended. The key here is to build your credibility in this aspect.

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  • Aug 14th, 2012

I am currently woking in one organization as a software engineer,but here no competative enviornment.am like a shadow resoruce.am planning to change ny company,but here my security bond is there.what should i do?whether to continue in same company or moving ahead in diffrent companies?

Edward Paohawe

  • Sep 24th, 2017

If you were asked to perform a task or activity you have not done before and do not know how to do how would you handle the request?

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