Fact and dimensions

Which type of relation between fact and dimension table in star schema and snowflake schema?like one to one or many to many?

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Sreedhar Lokaray

  • May 30th, 2012

Hi, the relation between Fact to Dimension is one to Many.


  • Aug 21st, 2012

One Fact table, many dim tables in a star schema

Hence Fact to Dimension is many to One

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  • Aug 30th, 2012

in the data ware house, the relation between fact and dimension table is , in the dimension the relationship is ONE -TO--ONE, and in the fact that is ONE-TO-MANY,SO THE QUERY PROCESSING TIME WILL BE LESS WHEN WE MAINTAIN THAT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FACT AND DIMENSION TABLE

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  • Oct 25th, 2012

@mulogiri, sorry youre wrong bro, how come a fact table which has more records and lesser column to be many to one to a dim table which usually has more columns and lesser records. Youre really wrong in database concept.

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  • Mar 16th, 2013

Fact table : contains numerical data to get measures of business : Foreign relation to dimension table values

Dimension table : contains descriptive data like region name , country name ..Primary key values will be there

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For one dimension record, you will see many fact records associated.Many to one or one to many relationship is not to be confused with number of records or columns in a table. that has nothing to do with a relation

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  • Dec 16th, 2014

parent, child relation between fact,dimensions in star schema,snow flake schema

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