Tell me about a skill you recently acquired or improved.

Tell me about a skill you recently acquired or improved. How did you do it?

Every employer that seeks for qualified individuals to fill in vacancies in their company has a list of qualifications for a suitable candidate. The field of profession is an essential element for a job position but given the competence of individuals these days in various fields apart from their area of expertise, many employers place huge weight on the skills or competencies of potential candidates.

A good example is the employment practice in a call center industry wherein BPO companies are in search of individuals with excellent English speaking skills regardless of the college degrees of jobseekers.

As an active jobseeker, you need to conduct a checklist of your personal competencies before applying for a job. During the job interview, employers will assess your skills, particularly those that are commensurate to the available job position. They only want to make sure that they have hired the right person for the job.

Furthermore, they prefer someone who already possesses the needed skills for the job more than a candidate who still needs to be trained in order to acquire the skill. When asked this type of question in the interview, your key technique is to highlight only the positive aspects of your efforts to improve on your skill, although an honest acknowledgement of your weakness is appreciated by the interviewer.

Acknowledge Your Weak Competencies

If you try to analyze the question, it is some sort of a follow-up to a question that seeks to know your individual weakness. Be quick to admit your lack of competency in a certain skill but refrain from dwelling too much on such weakness. Remember, the question is now geared toward the things you did to improve your skill in order to be qualified for the job.

Keep it Concise

Construct your response in a brief and concise manner when answering the question. By being succinct means getting rid of unnecessary details and emphasizing on the key points instead. In fact, a much better answer is to stick to a single key point and revolve your answer from there. Sharing of experiences may help to support your main point but keep it short and direct to the point. It is still safe to talk less but directly responding to the question than to say a lot of things and incur possible lapses on communication.

Highlight Your Interest to Continually Improve

Aside from stressing on your efforts to enhance on a skill, emphasizing on your constant motivation to become even better also creates an impression to the interviewers. Let them know what you are currently doing and what you continually plan to do to polish on that skill even more. Your employer may just perceive you to be a highly motivated individual who has the passion to strive to become a more effective person and an employee for that matter. You are sure to gain merits and plus points from your potential employer when you wrap up your answer to this question in this manner.

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