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10 machines are producing bulbs. weight of each bulb from each machine is 10gms say. But due to some manufacturing fault, 1 machine out of 10 machines is producing 11gm bulb. You don't have physical balance to measure. How can you will find it out, which machine is producing 11gm bulb.

If you are saying 5th machine - then prove it
If you are saying 6th machine - prove it.

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First group the machines product in the 5-5. Then compare weight.
You will get one side has more weight.
Then take that group, again make group of 2-2-1. Compare machine products of 2-2. If you get balance, the fifth one has 11 products, else you will get inbalance,
then take that group and compare you will get answer.

1 bulb from machine 1+ 2 bulbs from machine 2 + 3 from machine 3 +......+ 10 bulbs from machine 10. if all the bulbs weigh 10gms then the total would be 550gms. but the bulbs produced by one machine is 11gms. so if the total is 551 then the 11gms bulb beongs to machine 1..... if the total is 552 then the 11gms bulb belongs to machine 2... and so on ..


  • Aug 2nd, 2017

As per the question, we dont have physical reason to measure, so we will have to test each bulb of each machine of first production. Whichever will not work that does mean the bulb is of that machine.

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