What is meant by Intermachine communication?

Intermachine communication is the communication between two machines. With respect to the context of UNIX operating system there are many commands available for achieving this intermachine communication. Some of them are listed below namely:


This command is used for transferring of files between UNIX machines. There are many options available in this command to name one of which is uucp with a –n options notifies or messages the user on the system that the file is sent.


It is used for sending a message from a socket.


This is used for communicating by dialing a phone number and there by useful for connecting to another UNIX system and in fact even to a non-UNIX system. Using this command interactive message can be shared and also files can be transferred. In this command first a connection is established between the two systems which are to have communication and then after establishing the connection communication is made. This command also has number of options in it and the generally used option is cu with –d which displays trace messages.


This creates connection between two terminals by dialing a phone number of a modem that is attached to a terminal and there by creates a login process to that terminal.

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