Generic testing check list repository

Hi ,

I just one to prepare a generic testing check list repository for my team and expecting all your additional heads which can be incorporated into to the following sections

1. Is there anything that I can take into account as a subject inline like below?
a. Installation/Uninstallation Testing
b. Upgrade testing
c. Backward testing
d. Performance testing
e. JRE related testing
f. Browser base testing
g. Anything else?
Here are few them,

S.No Coverage - checks Covered (Y/N/NA)
1) Can the software be installed from a non-default drive?,Can the installation path/ directory be configured?
2) Can each of the product components be installed on different drives?
3) Can each of the product components be installed on different machines?
4) Does the product create the required short-cuts? (on windows)
5) Can the product be installed with a non-root user? (on UNIX)
6) Does the product detect the pre-reqs correctly? (disk space/ sw etc.)
7) Does the product install log get created?
8) Does the product allow detailed install logs? Does the switch work?
9) Can the default port(s) be changed?
10) Can multiple copies of the product be installed on the same machine?
11) Can multiple versions of the product co-exist?
12) Can the product be installed over CD
13) Is the application installed properly for each type of installation ( typical, custom and complete)
14) Does the product create any registry / Services (if applicable) in Windows after installation
15) Does the product Compatible with other major applications
16) License Key storage and validation of: Correct action based on license key.
17) Does the product Installation on various OS's with different service pack levels, your application is compatible with.
18) Verify each of the installation option like Back, Next, Cancel, Start etc
19) Does the product support to Navigate backwards & change options and install like Back, Next and again Back
20) Can the product be installed over the network, (Load the CD in one of the system with shared drives in the network)
21) Does the product provide a readme, Installation Guide document and context specific help
22) Can the product be Re-installation (all components / new components)
23) Is the installer able to Repair any corrupt installation?
24) Does the installer identify a previous/conflicting installation if present in the target system?
25) Does the product detect proper access permission (Ex: the User logged in does not have write permission on the machine, the installer should abort)
Trying to install to a directory where the user does NOT have write access privileges.
26) Are environment variables being created and initialized properly (eg PATH)
27) Product uses third party s/w which is installed previously, running install must not corrupt it.
28) Usability and ease of use of the installation/ uninstallation/ upgrade process.

1) Does it restore config files etc. to original state?
2) Does the product clean up the short-cuts etc.?
3) Are the product folders deleted?
4) Is it possible to Uninstallation (custom / typical etc modes)
5) Does uninstallation leave behind any data file/ registry entry in the system?
6) If any file association is made while installing is it removed when uninstall is performed?
7) Uninstaller must be an entry in Add/Remove programs with DisplayString / DisplayIcon & Support Info.
S.No Coverage - checks Covered (Y/N/NA)
Upgrade Testing
1) Does the product able to detact Previous installation
2) Can the product be upgraded without affecting user in any adverse ways (User should not loose any data)
3) Are user defined settings / preferences preserved when we upgrade the application?
4) Can the new version of the product continues to work with the assets created from older product
5) Does it required to invest lots of time and resources to upgrade the product
6) Is the Upgraded product continue to work with the same version of old component?
Ex: upgrade of your product should not force user to upgrade their database as well
7) Is the look and feel of the product changed incrementally so user feel comfortable with the upgraded product as well?
8) Does the Old functionality remain intact ?
9) Does it affect user's learning about the product?

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