Non Understandable Requirement

A requirement is non understandable and is given for testing / to write Test Case. How you will pass this situation?

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Ask the person responsible for authoring the requirement to revise it.  Let that person know what it is you don't understand.  Also, it is a good idea to inform this person of your target deadline in order to encourage a more speedy response.


  • Nov 25th, 2010

  • To start with i will check if this requirement is an extension of the existing application or a total new functionality.
  • If it is an existing one then will try to corelate the requirement with the existing application and then reach out to Business analyst(even for New Functionality reach out to BA).
  • After discussion with BA, will reach to the Developer to understand what is the functional change which they are making.
  • Based on that Test scenarios is prepared and shared to Business Analyst and Developers for their Inputs and can proceed if everything looks good

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