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Why neutral point is not required in high transmission line?

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Power is not directly utilised by the consumer from long transmission line, however it will not effect the design but it will definitely increase the cost of transmission.

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  • Mar 22nd, 2009

In power station the power is produced by alternator and given to primary of distrubution transformer and Distribution line is connected to delta since it is 3 wire system(no neutral wire)

It will be simply wastage of money to use a neutral wire in transmission line, however technically it will not give any adverse effect, but as the line is not directly fed to a single phase consumer / any consumer then it will be wastage of money to carry a neutral wire extra in transmission.
This is the only reason.


  • Jul 11th, 2010

The question may be in this manner "Why we are not running a neutral wire for a HV transmission line?"

This is possible because we are earthing all  the neutrals of all electrical equipments like Alternator,transformer..etc.
As we know earth is a big conductor,so all the neutrals are connected, so we may not need to run a neutral wire.
We may have a doubt "why the neutral wire for distribution system?"
Reason is consumer safety, where ever the population is density is more the neutral wire is ran.

Avoiding the neutral wire in HV system also gives some economy as one of our member said.
Thank you.

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HVDC Transmission lines are carriers of power,they are not source of generation.if there is any fault in HVDC,the extra current has to flow through generator,transformers...since alternators and transformers are already grounded the extra current flows thru them....hence no need of extra nuetral wire for HVDC.moreover it is not advised in economy point of view

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Karuppiah arumugam

  • Apr 27th, 2015

Power system  having Generation,transmission and distribution . Distribution transformer only need neutral  becoz we need lighting load supply. 230V  (phase to neutral 230v) in the transmission system only we sending voltage from one end to another end 

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