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Any One please explain me roles and resposibilities of ETL testers as well as explain me his work from starting point to end point in ETL testing Thanks..

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  • Jan 5th, 2017

ETL Testing Process Steps
1. Understand the end to end design.
2. Test Plan Preparation.
3. Test Scenario Preparation (optional)
4. Preparing the test queries to perform the following validations:
     i. Validate the source tables. If the source tables are copied from another source system, validate the counts and sample fields if copied properly.
     ii. Validate the target tables- write test scripts for every field using the mapping document provided by BA.
     iii. Validate the integrity between the tables.
     iv. Validate the transformation logic.
     v. Reconcile the source and target data counts.
5. Defect reporting.

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Sirisha d

  • Jan 25th, 2017

As an ETL Tester you need to know
- What is the purpose of the ETL jobs that you are testing(whether you are loading data into the table or writing data into intermediate files which will be loaded later , .....)

- What are the source tables / source files involved in the ETL job and how they are related.

- Are all the source columns being passed to target directly or are there any transformations involved before passing to target.(Here Source To Target mapping document will be helpful).

- If transformations are involved, make a note of all the transformations for all the columns involved in the ETL jobs.

- After gathering all the details relating to the job, start writing test cases for each column making sure that test cases cover all the logics and transformations involved.

- Next prepare test data. It is not a good idea to mess with source data for testing. So, prepare test data similar to source data to pass it as source for testing.

- Save all the test results (What is the source data, what is the expected result and what is the actual result while testing).

- Make a note of the data anomalies found out during testing and report them back to development team.

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