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Q-point in transistor?

What is the purpose of Q-point in transistor?
Asked by: chinnakalupukuri | Member Since Jan-2008 | Asked on: Jan 25th, 2008

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Answered On : Feb 16th, 2008

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The operating point of a device, also known as bias point or quiescent point (or simply Q-point), is the DC voltage and/or current which, when applied to a device, causes it to operate in a certain desired fashion. The term is normally used in connection with devices such as transistors and diodes which are used in amplification or rectification.

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Biranchi narayan panda

Answered On : Aug 23rd, 2011

It is a point on the active region of output characteristic, will get faithful amplification after applying input on that point. It is fixed, stable, still, point( not varying in any condition)

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In a simple answer before that point the devise (transistor or whatever ) wont work or do its function beyond that point the devise will work properly.

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Answered On : May 4th, 2012

Q-point is the operating point of the transistor, which is located in active region of the transistor. For faithful amplification the transistor should operate through Q-Point. Q-point is defined with the help of biasing voltages and currents. Hence, Q-Point is also known as bias point.

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Anish jebasingh

Answered On : Aug 3rd, 2012

For proper operation of transistor a fixed level of current and voltage are required ..The value of this current and voltage will define a point at which the transistor to be operated this point is called Q-point.

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Answered On : Nov 5th, 2012

The intersection of the dc bias value of IB(base current) with the dc load line determines the Q-point.
The letter Q corresponds to the word (Latent) quiescent, meaning at rest. (no amplification).
The intersection of curves of different values of IB with dc load line gives different operating points.
The operating point can be selected at different positions on the dc load line: near saturation, near cut off region or at the canter i.e. active region.
The selection of operating point will depend on its application. When transistor is used as an amplifier, the Q point should be selected at the centre of the DC load line to prevent any possible distortion in the amplified output signal.

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Answered On : Mar 31st, 2013

Q POINT is the point where a device can operate with 100 % efficiency, so for transformer energy is required for activation of its magnetic field in the form of iron loss.

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Vikram singh

Answered On : Apr 5th, 2013

Q point means the quiescent point its depend upon the collector current when collector current is stable then it is stable its can be find from load line diagram where AC load line and DC load line intersect its called q point...

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