Submitted Questions

  • Q-point in transistor?

    What is the purpose of Q-point in transistor?


    • Nov 9th, 2015

    It is a DC operating point between saturation and cutoff. It must be selected in a way that it does not go into saturation or cutoff.


    • Oct 24th, 2015

    It is more important for a transistor because according to this value, it may operate as an amplifier or a switch and most importantly the point should not vary with temperature hence we normally prefer voltage divider bias.

  • Coupling Capcitor

    What is the purpose of coupling capacitor?


    • Sep 2nd, 2012

    Main purpose of coupling capacitor is, it removes the ripple voltage present in AC


    • Jul 6th, 2012

    3 phase capacitor checking method ( in delta ) give the power supply then check the amps ( all phase currents are same