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In this x is the input and F(X) is the output,tab_func(sin, 0.0, PI, PI/8.0) is the method i have to use to get a output.Plz give me the relation b/w x and F(x).

A function which will tabulate values of any given function from a given starting
value up to (and including) a given final value. The size of the each step from the
starting value to the final value should also be a parameter of the function.

For example,
#define PI 3.14159
tab_func(sin, 0.0, PI, PI/8.0);
would print

x f(x)
0.0000 0.0000
0.3927 0.3827
0.7854 0.7071
1.1781 0.9239
1.5708 1.0000
1.9635 0.9239
2.3562 0.7071
2.7489 0.3827
3.1416 0.0000

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