How will you analyze a COBOL program?

I was asked in interview how would you analyze a COBOL program?

I gave the ans as there are many kind of analyses -:

Requirement analysis

Root cause analysis

Impact Analysis

Problem / logic analysis

but in general we talk about problem finding in a program
and told him we would first go in for a procedure division and check what the paragraphs are doing in the division and document it paragraph by paragraph
and will finally put displays if i have to find out the program is giving the output as.

Any suggestions on this are welcome!

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Second part of your answer seems satisfactory. You should have asked the interviewer for what we need to analyze, if its just for document purpose, then your answer is right. If its for a change, then there are specific areas we need to analyze for the changes impact.


  • Jan 21st, 2014

Local-Storage is allocated each time the program is called and is de-allocated when the program returns via an EXIT PROGRAM, GOBACK, or STOP RUN. Any data items with a VALUE clauses are initialized to the appropriate value each time the program is called. The value in the data items is lost when the program returns. It is defined in the DATA DIVISION after WORKING-STORAGE SECTION

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