What things about your last job that you found most difficult to do?

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  • Dec 10th, 2009

[A challenging question like this can be converted into an opportunity to present your strength.]

I was working as a Help Desk in Technology Department. After 2 months, the Server Administrator left the job and I was designated to take care of the Server. I could not manage the same as I was not at all trained to do that. Moreover, it was a very crucial job as the Sever contained very important data.

I also found it difficult to communicate to my manager that I cannot handle it. But after a weeks time, I gathered courage and spoke to him to either provide me training or appoint an experienced Server Administrator.

My manager was very happy to know that I was very commited to the job and admitted the lack of skill and also that I came up with the solution. Immediately a Server Administrator was appointed. After couple of months, I was mastered the techquines to manage the server. I learnt two important lessons from this:

  • Immediately communicate urgent issue to the senior
  • Provide a solution to the senior

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