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  • Presentation to Challenging Audience

    Give me an example of time when you developed a presentation for a challenging audience. What was the result.Describe a time when you had difficulty communicating your thoughs clearly to another person. What type of situation? What was the message you ried to convey. Did you get your point across? What was the outcome?

  • Significant Life Achivement

    What do you regard as the significant achivement in your life?

  • Job Profile and Job description

    What is the difference between job profile and a job description


    • Sep 19th, 2013

    Job file talks about the need of the job including the person to handle.
    Job description talks about job expectation.what to do , accountability, reportable relation ship etc

  • How do I start when HR ask "Tell me about yourself"

    How do I start when HR ask "Tell me about yourself"please tell me give an Example ?RegardsPuja Sawarn

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    The candidate should remember that this is a professional interview; therefore, you should not have to go into detail about your family, whether or not you have kids, are married or any other personal information like that.  You should not divulge age, the year you graduated high school,national origin, race, marital status if it does not pertain to the job.

    If an interviewer asks you to "Tell me about yourself," start by saying something like, "I studied _______ in high school, graduated and continued my education at the University of _________ (or took courses in ______), and graduated with a ____ GPA.

    "I started working for ABC Company in 1996 doing _____________________ and left there to pursue_______________.  I was then hired at CDE Company as a (name position), doing __________________.  I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and the type of work I was doing, but now I am looking for new challenges."

    Short and sweet.  Giving too much extraneous information could decrease your chances of getting the job.