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Hi I got this from my frend.. let me know if any..Experience the next generation of arcade games in a fast 3D action game with outstanding visuals. It is all about how fast you are. The more you play, the faster you become. The game play involves shooting bugs before they reach to the golden line.You will be able to adjust the 3D view to get a better shot at bugs.srinivasulu.B (srinivasulub@gmail.com)

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I am telling you truly, I have done so much R&D on golden bug, but i found nothing related to software testing and Golden bug.I think it is just an individual way to call a bug as golden bug if it has high severity and high priority or some what a critical bug.If really someone have some link related to golden bug, please forward it to me also as a mail.

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  • Feb 6th, 2007

HI All, Even i have done so much of R&D on Golden Bug i didnt get any useful info. But i agree with jainbrijesh about his statement. we can say golden bug as most critical and show stopper defect which prevent the application to run without solving this defect.


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  • Mar 13th, 2007

I agree Brijesh & Sunitha,After lot of search on Golden bug didn't get anything fruitful .Even I think Golden bug would be a show stopper bug ..a critical & high priority bug

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