What is golden Bug? and what is Mass testing?

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Golden Bug Means wich effect more critical parts and majore functions in application.this one is identified by using tracebility matrix.no of functions it will effect .

mas test is testing of same type of functions with same criteria. for example Add and delete and save operation will test all test case common to all forms.

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  • Sep 4th, 2015

Golden defect/bug means after releasing the application, at customer location find the defect is called golden defect
it will modified by separate team that was manage by manager

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  • Sep 30th, 2015

GOLDEN BUG is the one which is detected at the time of postmortem testing which is conducted in the last moment before release to the customer...

If it can be solved ASAP it can be fixed or else if it is a time taking one we can request customer stakeholders for some time to resolve with a plugin.

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