What are the top ten qualities a tester should have?

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jayapal reddy

  • Nov 3rd, 2006

1)he should have test to break attitude.2)he should take the customer point of view.3)he should mentain good relationship with technical and non technical persons.4)not only finding the bugs but getting them fixed.5)good judgment skills.6)he should have good communication skills.7)able to communicate with people of all levels .add some more.........

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1.knowledge abt softwares

2.good communication & analytical skills.

3.trust developers but doubt the product

4.should have a keen eye for details

5.diplomatic but firm

6.Nothing works until u hav tested it

7.treat lightly as u treat over the dreams of the developers

8.pedantic,skeptical,nit-picking to s/w


S.Pradeep Kumar

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A good tester will have the following ten qualities:

1) An inquisitive nature

2) Enthusiasm about his/her impact on quality

3) Faith in his/her own instincts

4) The motivation and capacity to learn

5) Keen attention to detail

6) Easy to work with

7) Sound judgement and good common sense

8) Excellent oral and written communication skills

9) Empathy for customers

10) A sense of team membership and participation

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