What is the example of high severity and high priority bugs?

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  • Jun 21st, 2006

Take this scenario.?

I have to test the Teller functionality in the banking application.it? has links deposit, withdraw ,currency exchange , Trevel cheques etc.

?when I click on withdraw link , system showed an error page with some JSP code displayed. I am expecting a data entry sceen for withdrawals for that link. As I cannot proceed testing with my withdraw functionality at all, this

bug has high servrity and it has to be fixed immediately for further testing and hence has high priority.

?Hope you are clear.

rajasekhar . koduru @ gmail . com


  • Jun 22nd, 2006

Any defect that is occur in an application, stops the functionality and further prevents the execution of application functionality can be termed as severity.
The developer has to fix that defect as soon as possible, hence the priority is also HIGH.

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  • Jun 23rd, 2006

High Severity:

As others have stated... it is a bug that has a high impact on a product. High severe bug might have adverse effects on smooth running of the product or application. The bug that can end in crash of OS is one of the classic example.

High Priority:

Normally a bug gets its priority based on the immediate business requirements. A business might have a plan of accomplishing a product with specific functionality among its 5 other functionalities. Hence the functionalities are tested/fixed based on the immediate business requirement. Based on this timeline the bug attains its priority.

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  • Jun 30th, 2006

High Severity:

How much the bug affect the Tester(Very High,High,Medium,Low)


  Get any Home page.for eg:In the Yahoo Login page..U r Entered the Valid User name and Password..But U got Some error Message..

That means U couln't proceed further..We Call it has a Screen Stopper Bur..We Should Giv It is a High Severity...Coz Thenonly We can Proceed furtherly.

It Should be rectified as soon as possible..

High Priority:

How much the bug affect the Clients/Business Requirements(High,Medium,Low)

If the application shouldnot reach the Business Requirements or It works but not reach the expected reqirements means we lock it has a bug..

It Should be rectified as soon as possible..


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  • Nov 8th, 2006

High Severity & High Priority

Ex. If 'Login' is required in Application and are unable to login in the application by stopping the customer to progress further. 

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  • Nov 16th, 2006

If occuered any shopstopper bugs in our application, those bug's have High severity and High prority.....

Means if tester not able to tests further functionalities due to this bug, that is stopshppper bug.

Ex: Not able to access realted pages properly and insted of that page if open code related stuff.

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