Have you experienced being given too many tasks?

Have you experienced being given too many tasks? What did you do to meet your deadlines?

When you are in a job interview, one of the questions that you are going to be asked will have something to do with time management. Although there are job positions that have higher priorities for time and schedules, time management is still considered a must-have quality for just about any profession.

Answering a Question on Time Management

Time management is one of the most important ingredients for productivity. If you know how to manage your time well, you could get a lot of things done within the day. Everyone is given only 24 hours everyday, and yet some people are more productive than others.

Companies would always want to hire a productive person because this individual will be an asset to them, as compared to someone who hardly gets anything done in a day. For this reason, make sure that when a question about time management is asked, you should not just answer anything that comes to your mind, but instead, you must structure your answer in such a way that will clearly suggest you are excellent when it comes to managing your own time.

Why Time Management is Important

Ever wonder why there are seminars being conducted on the topic of time management? Did it ever occur to you why companies would spend a fortune just to train their employees how to manage their time? Well, these things only prove even further that time management is an essential quality that companies look for in people.

Apparently, there is a good reason why the interviewer wants to know just how well you manage your tasks. If Person A could finish 10 tasks in a day while Person B can complete only 5, then of course, the company they work for would be happier with Person A?s performance and would wish that they had more people like him. A high level of productivity can help lower business costs, and conversely, low productivity will only mean a waste of resources.

How to Answer the Question

The key is simply knowing how to organize and prioritize your tasks. This is something that the interviewer wants to hear from you. Of course, the interviewer would also want to know your method of managing your tasks and what you basis are for allotting a certain amount of time to each one. They want to know if your method of managing your time will fit their system.

Although many candidates would simply answer in a general way, it pays to be precise and clear with your answer. Explaining the ?how? is crucial because it will give your interviewer the idea that you really are good at time management.

Moreover, giving concrete examples that would better illustrate your time management abilities would also be helpful since this could help prove how efficient you are in managing your tasks. It would be good if you use a relevant example, such as a job-related one. You can also talk about a situation involving school, such as when you handled a class project or an organization activity, if you have no work experience yet.

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