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What is the purpose of Key & descriptive flexfield in Oracle 11i: How many key flexfield are there in Oracle 11i 10 5 module?

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key flexfields gives the key information of the organisation i.e., financial information of the oraganisation relating to, how to enter the transactions, how to generate the reports, how to modify the transactions, etc. with the help of kff's the user can retrive the data what ever the organisation want. the kff's are the mandatory flexfields.
In GL there only one key flexfield i.e., Accounting key flexfield.

Decriptive flexfileds are used for describing the attributes of a segment. the Dff's gives the additional information about the each segment related to the oraganisation. these are the optional fields in applications.

Ranu Sinho

  • Nov 15th, 2013

Flexfield is a field made up of segments or sub fields.

In Oracle application, there are two types of flexfields.
1. Key Flexfield
2. Descriptive Flexfields

Key flexfields : it is made up of no of segments,where each segment has a value and a meaning. these field are also known as intelligent field as it can be customized as per your business need without programing.the structure of these field will vary as per your application data. business can use to store information in form of code such as Part number , Account number etc .

one of the most commonly used flexfiled is accounting flexfield.

Descriptive Flexfields: Oracle has provided some additional field in form of Attribute fileds to capture addtional information which could be unique to your business.

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  • Dec 8th, 2015

As simple, Flexfiled is a flexible data field that your organization can customize to your business needs with out programming. Oracle APPS uses two types of FF:
Key Flexfileds - Key FF is a field made up of segments, where each segment has a value and meaning. You can think of a KFF as an intelligent key. KFF will capture key company data like Account, Cost center etc...,
Descriptive FF - DFF is used to capture additional information like company MD etc..,

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  • Sep 3rd, 2016

KFF: It captures Mandatory Information about business
Its Mandatory fields
Its displays in Text
KFF Stores in Segments
30 segments cloumns are reserved for data
DFF: It captures additional information
Its Optional fields
Its Displays in [ ]
DFF Stores in Attributes
15 Attributes column are reserved for data

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  • Sep 5th, 2017

Flexifield: Customization of multiple sub fields to single field
we have 2 types of flexi fields kff, dff

KFF: Mandatory flexifield. KFF are two types single KFF, multiple KFF
Single KFF: cant able to create new
Multiple KFF: able to create new
we have total 39 kff in inv we have 7

DFF: its optional it will provide more information about records and fields
we have around 3550 flexifields

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