Submitted Questions

  • Planned Purchase Order.

    What is planned purchase order,when do we use it?


    • Jul 1st, 2017

    It is a long term agreement when you know the goods or services then you can raise PPO. whenever you make PPO you need to raise schedule releases against planned PO

  • Contract Purchase Agreement.

    What is contract purchase agreement,when do we use it?

    Somendra Singh

    • Feb 27th, 2018

    Contract Purchase Agreement is a kind of PO which is used when we are not confirmed for the services to be used or material to be purchased but in contract PO we can buy/use as many services by supplier company for the agreed amount and a Standard PO is being made against Contract PO


    • Feb 26th, 2015

    Purchase agreement is created only after price & item freezed with long term basis,without indication of quantity,after agreemner approval,buyer can release order based on schedule

  • Blanket Purchase Order.

    What is blanket purchase order? when do we use it?


    • Apr 5th, 2011

    Blanket Purchase order can be used when - Duration of contract is fixed- Buyer knows which items to be purchased (fixed set of items)- Quantity of items is unknown- Price given by supplier is fix...