What is spanning tree? How it works in VLAN ?

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Gaurav Mehta

  • Oct 15th, 2007

Spanning tree  protocols main taks is to stop network loops from occurring on your layer 2 network.

Network loops create broadcast storms and are responsible for additional overhead on the network.

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  • Jul 4th, 2016

Spanning tree protocol is used to avoid looping in a switch and shutdown the redundant link.
STP have two bridge
1.Root bridge
2.Non-Root bridge
Root bridge connect the ports are root port.
Non-Root bridge connect the ports are designated port
Un wanted ports are Blocked port.
STP different states:

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  • Oct 20th, 2016

STP is used to avoid the loop in the network, If We have 3 Switch each switch having the 3vLan like
vLan 10, vLan 20, vLan 30
In this scenario there is only 1 root bridge so many load on that root bridge because every traffic passes first by root bridge, so we create different root bridge of switch for different vLan by using STP.

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  • Oct 18th, 2017

It prevents loop formation when we connect one or many cables in the switch that time this protocol used..make one cable idle....other cables to make online.

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