2 ISP working in one Network

We have 2 ISP and have 20 workstations, it’s a fast ISP and a slow ISP. At this point we have only one ISP connected if this one has a problem we manually switch the other ISP
[Setup @ this point] (i.imgur . com/c3E5r1x.jpg) We want to setup the following:
We have gone to allow access-points to the network that will expand our network
* We want to connect both ISP @ the same time on the network
* We want to route it so the Mac-adresses that are known will be connected to the Fast ISP and the unknown are connected to the other ISP
* We want to have a Failover so when one is down it switch towards the other ISP for all users
* We are thinking about a ticketing system were user need to register for access every couple of hour

Someone with experience with this, or can send me on the right track?

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  • Oct 20th, 2016

Yes, by using Etherchannel

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