Answered Questions

  • How to Check whether your website is secure or not?

    Hi Guys,can anybody give the answer asked by an interviewer to me "How we will check whether our website is secure or not?"


    • Apr 17th, 2013

    Web Security testing is a very vast topic. There are different levels in it. Fore e.g. DB testing , Protocol testing, Penetration testing, etc. Simple answer- We should see to it that our data is pas...


    • Mar 18th, 2013

    At the top of your internet browser , Check if this website address starts with "http://" or whether it starts with "https://".if the page does start with https:// then the website is in a secure area...

  • Programmed Unit testing

    Hello, i need you help to answer this question:We have a programmed unit, that receives the alphabets and returns them reverses them. Now,there is a problem and it returns the letters in a different we can figure what is a problem?For example, when we give him "abc" it should return us "cba" but now it returns "acb"..Thank you

  • Bakward Testing & Regression Testing

    Are both 'Bakward Testing' & 'Regression Testing' one and the same? If Not, What is the difference between them?

  • UAT Testing

    I am asked as to how many test scernarios will be typically created in a mid size project. I think this question does not make any scense as the scenrios is always based on the requirement and scope of the project. but I guess my answer is wrong and I did not get the project. Can anyone tell me what is the correct answer to this question..Thx


    • Oct 14th, 2011

    Wow that's a really stupid question which you answered it correctly. As Gypsyqueen said there may be other reasons not just this one. The next time anyone asks you this question, you should put them ...

  • Document Preparation

    Explain which document is prepared first and who will prepare the documents in hierarchical order.


    • Oct 14th, 2011

    The mother of all documents is the business requirements document prepared by BA or client. Based on this BA writes the requirements document. Based on this, dev team will prepare dev design document...


    • Sep 29th, 2011

    in the initial phase business analyst prepare BUSINESS REQUIREMENT DOCUMENT(BDD), in the analyzing phase system analyst prepare SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION (SRS), IN designing phase technical l...

  • Standard QA/QC Procedures

    How you would go about putting in place standard QA/QC procedures for verifying fixed issues and ensuring high quality release?What metrics would you put in place so that we can measure the effectiveness of any new QA/QC procedures?


    • Oct 14th, 2011

    To answer your 1st question: simple! bug tracking tool to track issues/bugs/defects. Generate daily and weekly defect reports and publish them to all the project stakeholders - BA, dev team, QA team, ...

  • How do you test when No time

    There is a new build and you have not much time left behind to test(manual test), what will you do? (apart from prioritizing functionalities..... risk analysis, what other answers are valid approaches to this interview question?


    • Nov 6th, 2014

    It is too late but still we cant perform adhoc testing when time is less, as it requires different approaches for testing the application to find bug, to increase the bug count. So for testing an appl...


    • Aug 31st, 2014

    If there no sufficient time to test the application then immediately we will go for exploratory testing...

    Exploratory testing is dynamic testing type and it tests the entire application simultaneously while creating test design and test execution is possible.