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I am asked as to how many test scernarios will be typically created in a mid size project. I think this question does not make any scense as the scenrios is always based on the requirement and scope of the project. but I guess my answer is wrong and I did not get the project. Can anyone tell me what is the correct answer to this question..Thx

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  • Oct 14th, 2011

Wow that's a really stupid question which you answered it correctly. As Gypsyqueen said there may be other reasons not just this one.
The next time anyone asks you this question, you should put them in the spot by asking "define mid-size project" keep asking a lot of questions. The first one is enough to shut their mouth and become serious about the interview. But your answer is correct. Believe me I have 7+ yrs of testing and I cannot and will choose not to answer that question if I'm asked when working on a project. so you are fine!

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