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  • What is SDLC and STLC , what is relationship between them

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    • Member Since Jan-2008 | Feb 3rd, 2008

    SDLC is the main process in the developement of a software.
    The approcah generally depends on the framework that is followed like CMMI , SPICE etc. and the methodology used to build the product e.g Waterfall, agile etc.

    The general appraoch in SDLC though is :
    1. Domain analysis. (done by either and/or customer and Business analyst)
    re element analysis : SAG (software architecture group-> analyst, PM's, SQA managers etc....)
    3.Scope analysis
    4.Specification -->(client, system analyst)
    5.Design -->( Low level, High Level)
    6. Coding --> developers
    7. Testing--->testers
    8. Documentation --> testers, dev, tech writers
    9. Sign off -->after UAT by customers

    STLC :
    is related to SDLC but does not start at step 7 if a good product roll out is intented.
    Senior test analyst get involved in the Req analysis to get an idea of the requirements and spot gaps in requirements.
    2) During Design phase the work with developers to decide what aspects are testable as well as help with Unit testcase review if possible
    3)Test planning: Deciding the scope, strategy and enviornment and risks in testing -> done by Lead or senior testers
    4)Test developement ; Writing testcases, scenarios, Scripts, procedures etyc
    5)Execution : excuting testcases and capturing the results--> junior testers
     6)Reporting:logging bugs found. Done by junior testers.
    repeat of 5) and 6) in cycles of testing and resolution of defects.
    This is closely related to the Bug life cycle.

    SDLC is the master cycle and STLC is a sub cycle of the same.

    Prabhu Prasad Mishra

    • Apr 25th, 2014

    V-Model forms a relation between SDLC and STLC. Req Spec-------------->User Acceptance Testing Functional Spec------------------>System Testing High Level Design------------------->Integration Testing...


    • Jul 8th, 2008

    SDLC:-Software development Life CycleSTLC:-Software Test Life Cycle Information gatheringAnalysisDesigningCodingTestingImplementationRelease & MaintenanceSoftware testing life cycle(STLC) cov...

  • What is way of writing testcases for database testing?


    • Nov 2nd, 2011

    Ok lets do this by taking an example. Lets say you are testing the integration between database and a user registration web application. User registration web site becomes your front-end and database...

    govind kumar

    • Aug 9th, 2011

    For writing test cases in Database first one should define the project name, then module,Bug number,objective,steps/action undertaken,expected result,actual result, then status, priority and severity.

  • How do you plan test automation?

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    • Member Since Jan-2009 | Apr 9th, 2010

    Some of the answers are close but missed the entire point of planning.. You should handle test automation as a project. Each project should consist of areas that have been targeted for test automation and then need to be planned out as and other type of project: This of course assumes that you already have in place what makes a test a candidate for test automation and approved by the required resources…as well as defined and have in place your framework and all automation artifact needed to make this this a successful development project. But as a minimum the plan should include:

    1. Introduction
    What is the automation objectives

    2. Scope
    What we are automating

    3. Test Strategy
    The strategy is to automate the scope

    4. Test Schedule
    What is the timeframe for completion? What is the execution schedule?

    5. Functions to Be Tested
    List what we are testing/verifying and how…the flow can go here as well

    6. Resources and Responsibilities
    Who do we need to do this and what parts will they be automating, setting up, etc.

    8. Deliverables
    What will we be turning over once completed? Automated scripts for one.

    9. Dependencies
    What do we need to be in place, setup, etc to do this?

    10. Risks
    What are the risk involved?


    • Apr 9th, 2010

    Some of the answers are close but missed the entire point of planning.. You should handle test automation as a project. Each project should consist of areas that have been targeted for test automation...