Sequence Job Creation Scenario

You are given 2 jobs say job A and Job B with parameters x and y respectively. You need to create a sequence job. If you pass parameter x then Job A should run, If you pass parameter y then Job B should run, if you dont pass any parameter then Both Job A & B should run

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  • Sep 24th, 2015

This can be done by the use of user variable and nested stage.Define a user variable with the arguments as parameters x and y. After his pass this variable to a nested activity stage. Generate 3 output links from the nested activity stage. In the first link give trigger condition as DSJobParameter1=x. After this link a job activity stage having job A. Similarly in second link from nested activity stage give trigger condition as DSJobParameter2=y. From this pass on to a job activity having job B. Finally in the last link from nested activity stage give trigger condition as DSJobParameter1= And DSJobParameter2= which wil trigger both the jobs linked with two job activity stages having jobs A and B.


  • Apr 2nd, 2016

create a sequence job. User_var_act ----> Nested_Condition_Activity---->
In Nested condition Activity define two parameters with the values for example JOB1 and JOB2.
Link the nested condition activity to Job Activity 1 when we pass JOB1 Value . same as job2 respectively.
When you are running job if you pass param value as JOB1 then only Job Activity 1 will run. if we pass JOB2 as a value then Job Activity 2 will run. if you dont pass any value then both jobs will run.

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