Dynamic target creation using source data

Suppose in Informatica a source file has 1 column(CITY) and datas are Pune, Kol, Pune. Want to load CITY data to dynamically generated target file(means it will create 2 targets, named Pune and Kol and in Pune target, value will be Pune and in Kol target, value will be Kol) ?

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Priyanka Kumari

  • May 24th, 2018

use this flow:
sorter (on city) -> Expression (compare the current and previous cityname and based on that create the FLAG in another Variable port.) -> Transaction Control (IIF FLAG = 1, TC_COMMIT_BEFORE, TC_CONTINUE_TRANSACTION.)
Before to that give the file name as FILE_NAME_(city).txt in one of the variable port and assign this value to the output column in the target.
You will get multiple target files based on the city name.

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